Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

IMG_3549 (2)In my opinion, Grayson Perry is an extraordinary human and an evocative artist.

Whilst visiting his current exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, his views on social and cultural issues in our contemporary society are pleasantly expressed through thoughtful ceramics, large-scale tapestries, bold prints and bronze figures. I describe his work as pleasant because visually, without examining the smaller details, the overall compositions depict animals, symbols or objects that express comforting and nostalgic connotations, such a teddy bears, pink hearts and frilly patterns. From afar, the individual pieces are a little abstract in shape and colour, for example, the entrance to the exhibition presents a two-headed piggy bank with multiple slots, but upon closer inspection the depth of Grayson’s character becomes visible. Each slot is labelled with words such as ‘female’, ‘black’ and ‘remain’, and from this I assume the artist is asking the coin holder to choose the hole with which they identify the greatest with. Whilst being urged to consider the diverse range of identities, the piggy bank also reminds the viewer that whichever hole they decide to identify with, it is eventually meaningless, as we all contribute to the same social pot.

Images below..


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