Photoshoot with wool enthusiast Janie Knitted Textiles

With an upcoming collaboration with The Great British Exchange and John Lewis, Jane and I worked together to create several lifestyle shots that communicated both brand identities. Using wild flowers, a mixture of vintage and modern furniture and some decent natural light we were able to create a simple composition with layers of depth.

The products will be in-store and online by August 2017.


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Warehouse X Emma Fearn window design and installation for London Fashion Week 2015


During London Fashion Week 2015 I collaborated with the visual merchandising team at British clothing brand Warehouse to design and install a window scheme for their Argyll Street store.

The design is inspired by Giant’s Causeway, a natural volcanic phenomenom in Northern Ireland. With consideration to the target customer’s lifestyle, it portrays a group of friends standing on a wave of random irregular shaped rectangular blocks, looking out to sea and taking a moment to pause and reflect.

The research started at the Natural History museum, looking at natural minerals and rocks. Also the Victoria and Albert looking into decorative tiles and shapes. Mixed in with current trends this lead me to the Giants Causeway. Hexagonal shapes and being a natural version of the urban jungle that the customer spends most of her time in. I researched caves and natural forms, experimented with textures and materials such as clay and plywood. Giants causeway is full of coastal movement, this is where I took the inspiration to create a wave, using naturally sourced materials.




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Phaidon x Emma Fearn at Foyles for London Fashion Week 2014

Installation date: September 2014 London Fashion Week

A collaboration between artist and visual merchandiser Emma Fearn, book publisher Phaidon and retailer of books Foyles.

The concept behind this window design aims to portray a design studio in the midst of creation, with the main focal point being the books which are invaluable to creatives as a source of refrence and inspiration. The books are then surrounded by the stereotypical characteristics of a working studio, so hanging block patterns, a mixture of mood-boards and an oversized tape measure.

Images: Scale model of window design made by emma fearn





The Conran Shop meets vibrant Greece

During my first year in London I spent my time (in-between studying) as a display assistant intern at The Conran Shop in Marylebone.

The design is inspired by the beautifully vibrant streets and architecture of Greece. It emulates the bright contrast between the brilliant white walls and ultramarine components, with a touch of rich yolk yellow to bring together the overall composition.

After installing the faux walls and applying the first (of many) layers of paint, we hand-painted the cobalt blue pebble mosaics together with the energetic geometric patterned floor. To finalise the window we dressed it with a selection of rustic furniture and accessories that communicated the traditional narrative of the design.








Photography: Bruno Rondinelli